Driving tips on using car lights

With winter just around the corner, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is offering lighting tips in preparation for the short and dark days to come.

Regularly check that all lights work, the IAM advises. While someone observes, switch each one on in turn. If alone, park by a reflective surface such as a garage door, illuminate all lights in sequence and look for the reflections.

Look for approaching lights when driving around corners, adjust the position of the vehicle accordingly and dip your headlights to avoid dazzling other motorists.

If oncoming drivers forget to dip their lights, slow down and give your eyes time to adjust. Never stay on full-beam to retaliate.

It is difficult to judge speed in the dark, so take extra care when making a manoeuvre and always allow traffic to pass when waiting to pull out at a junction.

The weather will also dictate when to use headlights and fog lights. Use fog lights sparingly; switch them on only when visibility is below 100 metres. Leaving them on after fog has disappeared is an offence and a danger to other motorists.

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