Driving stresses 'test' couples

The stresses of driving are proving to be too much for 36% of couples who have more arguments behind the wheel than anywhere else, according to a survey.

The average argument was found to start just 22 minutes into the journey with some disagreements escalating so far that 10% of motorists admitted to breaking up with their partner after the row, it found.

The poll revealed that 3.5 million people ended their relationships while they were behind the wheel in 2009.

Meanwhile almost three quarters (71%) admitted to arguing with their partner about the quality of their driving.

The Seat research revealed that the Top Ten driving issues that couples row about in the car are:

Directions / getting lost (44%)

Where to park (37%)

Driving too quickly (34%)

Driving too close to other cars (24%)

Backseat driving (20%)

Music / radio station choice (20%)

Aggressive driving / road rage (17%)

Taking corners too quickly (15%)

Heating too high (15%)

Air-conditioning too low (14%)

Rob Taylor, Seat National Communications Manager, said: "An agitated driver is much more likely to lose concentration and have a prang. And then you'll really have something to argue about."

Drivers who are prone to in-car arguments may want to ensure they are fully covered by theircar insurance next time they get behind the wheel.

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