Driving sentence change proposed

Proposals to more than double maximum sentences for dangerous drivers have been welcomed by the parents of a toddler left paralysed in a horrific high speed crash.

Two-year-old Cerys Edwards was injured in the crash with a driver who was travelling at more than 70mph in a 30mph zone.

The driver, Antonio Singh Boparan, served just six months of a 21-month jail term.

Gareth and Tracey Edwards have campaigned for a change in the law ever since the collision.

And they welcomed the proposal by Justice Secretary Jack Straw to increase the maximum jail term from two years to five years.

But the change, which would require primary legislation, would not come into force until after the general election.

Mr Edwards said: "We will always feel that Boparan got off lightly for what he did to Cerys.

"We hope that the change in law and the tougher sentencing will make people think twice about driving dangerously and prevent other people from being hurt."

He added: "It's taken 18 months but we finally got there. I always said I'd get this law changed and now we have. It's Cerys's law."

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