Driving instructors to be 'graded'

Driving instructors to be 'graded'

Learner drivers will receive help in picking out the best person to get them through their test by a new grading system for instructors.

Driving instructors will be given an A, B or a fail depending on their ability to meet the required standards, something that will be checked at least once every four years.

Until now a system that gives instructors a grade between one and six has been used, but it is hoped the new one will make it easier for learners and their parents to make an informed choice before they book lessons.

Alastair Peoples, chief executive at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, said: "A high level of tuition can make a real difference in helping new drivers to become safe and responsible and the grading structure will make it easier for learners and parents to identify the best instructors."

He said he wants to see all instructors striving to achieve the new A grade, adding: "I also want to work with the industry to identify ways that we can help top grade instructors to promote the higher level of competence that they have worked hard to achieve."

Commenting, RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: "This new system should help all new drivers and parents to make more informed decisions as to the best instructor to teach them or their son or daughter to the point where they are ready to take their test.

"Learning to drive is a vital skill and knowing more information about an instructor's overall competency should help new students to make the right choice for them. The scheme has the added benefit of encouraging all instructors to become as highly qualified as they can in order to attract new students.

"There is, however, a danger that it could create a two-tier system of driver training and with it elevated prices for the most highly qualified instructors."

Joe Mitchell from SuperPass Driving School who offer driving lessons in Bristol think its a good idea: "I'm pleased students and their parents can spot the best driving instructors in an area."

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