Driving habits ruled by fuel costs

An RAC survey has revealed that most motorists are more concerned with saving money than saving the planet, with just 6% having altered driving behaviour out of concern for the environment.

By contrast, 77% of the 1,040 motorists polled said they had changed their motoring habits because of the increased cost of fuel.

The survey also found that one in five motorists (22%) have not made any changes to the way they drive, while a similar number (21%) admitted they did not know how to be a "greener" driver.

More than three in four said they would buy a more environmentally friendly car if tax incentives were better, but 27% think petrol has no, or very little, impact on the environment.

Adrian Tink, the RAC's motoring strategist, commented: "It's clear there is a willingness from motorists to be more eco-friendly, but times are tough and, despite fuel prices decreasing in recent weeks, looking after the family budget is still their first priority.

"Many motorists also don't know how to be greener. It's a complex issue that even the experts sometimes can't agree on.

"For now, what motorists can be sure of, is if they concentrate on saving fuel, they'll not only be saving their hard-earned money - they'll be doing their bit by cutting emissions too."

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