Driving crackdown figures revealed

Forces across England and Wales arrested an average of 239 drunk and drugged motorists every day during a December crime crackdown, it has been revealed.

Of 223,423 drivers tested by police during the 32-day operation, 7,638 were found to have crossed the alcohol limit, failed a field impairment drugs check or refused to be tested.

Gwent Chief Constable Mick Giannasi, the national lead officer on road policing, said despite several attempts to send across the message that driving under the influence of alcohol or drug "is not acceptable", a small proportion of motorists continue to break the rules.

He added: "Alcohol and drugs can impair your ability to judge speed and distances, reduce concentration and delay reaction speed. Worst of all it can kill, and that's a life sentence no one would want to live with."

Police figures indicated that there was an overall decline in the number of people failing breath tests and drug impairment check.

But it also showed that those driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs have more chances of getting involved in a crash.

Although fewer motorists aged under 25 were tested positive during the festive blitz, still a large number of youngsters were arrested.

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