Driving after heavy drinking rises

Research has revealed that more than a third of motorists are putting the lives of others in risk by driving after a heavy night of drinking.

According to a survey by road safety charityBrake, 38% of drivers and motorcyclists admitted to taking to the road after a night of excessive drinking - up from 28% just seven years ago in a similar study.

The report has also revealed that 45% think that they would require two units or more of alcohol for their driving to be impaired, whereas 14% think three, four or more units would affect their actions behind the wheel.

Of the 800 drivers and motorcyclists polled, 35% admitted to driving after drinking any amount of alcohol during some period in the past year, which is a drop from 51% in 2003.

Julie Townsend, campaigns director,Brake, said: "Drink-driving remains a menace on our roads, devastating people's lives every day. A shocking proportion of drivers seem unaware of the dangers of driving the morning after a heavy night, or even small quantities of alcohol.

"We're appealing to everyone to stay safe over the festive season by planning ahead. Make sure you can get home safely, and stay off the booze if you're driving home or early the next day."

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