Drivers would back school run fines

Drivers would back school run fines

Most UK motorists think that drivers who park illegally while dropping off or picking up their children from school should be fined.

Many local authorities are now trialling projects to fine offenders who park on zig-zag lines at pedestrian crossings a maximum of £130.

A huge majority of motorists (86%) agree with these schemes, even if drivers only plan to stop for just a few seconds.

Many local councils, including Enfield in north London and York boroughs, have started using CCTV footage to record illegal parking.

This is then utilised to send a fine to the offending driver. Fines are halved to £65 if they are settled within a fortnight of being sent.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: "Pedestrian crossings play an important part in ensuring the safety of children on their daily commute to school. The distinguishable zigzag lines are there to protect anyone crossing, helping to provide a clear view for both pedestrians and approaching vehicles.

"Any driver who parks on zigzag lines is potentially putting young lives at risk. You would hope anyone driving to school to pick up or drop off children would know better than to park on these important road markings."

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