Drivers welcome petrol price cuts

The drop in petrol prices announced by fuel retailers last week has been welcomed by customers at the pumps, although they say fuel is still too expensive.

The decrease in prices was described as "a good start" by motorists filling up their vehicles at petrol stations affected by the price war.

The move was sparked by supermarket chain Morrisons which said it was cutting the price of fuel by 3p a litre across its 285 stations.

Customer Dan Howard, 25, took advantage of the cuts at the branch in Knottingley, West Yorkshire, where the price of unleaded had fallen to 108.9p a litre.

Commenting on the lower prices, he said: "It's better for motorists obviously. I think they're still too expensive, they should be about 70p a litre but that's just wishful thinking. Everyone will be happy. It's got to be a good start at least."

Another customer, who asked not to be named, said she was surprised but happy when she arrived at the petrol station.

She said: "I was surprised actually because I noticed the prices this morning and I thought 'that's cheap compared to what they used to be'.

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