Drivers 'waste a year parking car'

British drivers spend as much as a year of their lives looking for a place to park, a poll has shown.

According to the survey by parking companyNCP, a motorist spends six days a year on average going round in circles on streets and car parks searching for a spot.

Location wise, Londoners lose most time, wasting 182 hours a year, amounting to more than 54 weeks in the quest for parking space, according to the driving lifetime.

Drivers in Birmingham, and then Glasgow and Newcastle follow London closely in this trend.

The national average stands at 152 hours a year, according to the poll.

Other figures show that 42% of people, admit they do not try to park in a space if there is another car waiting behind them. The figure rises to 51% for women. And 23% even get another passenger to do their parking.

As many as 44% of people have "lost" their vehicles, forgetting where they parked. Drivers from Birmingham were found to be the most forgetful.

TheNCP study has also shown that 50% have tried looking for their car on wrong floors and sections of car parks, with 39% of these even trying to get into someone else's car thinking it is their own.

Jo Cooper, car parks chief operating officer,NCP said: "Parking should be simple, but in reality it is a stressful experience for most of us.

"There's often a lot of pressure on us from other passengers, people waiting behind you, and then there's the added time pressure too.

"It's bad enough we're spending so much time sitting in traffic jams, commuting on busy motorways or taking the children to school. Parking should be the easiest part."

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