Drivers warned over Sussex floods

A surge in the number of road incidents in Sussex happened on Tuesday, particularly in the west of the county, as a result of bad weather conditions.

Sussex Police said that they had to deal with more than 40 weather-related road occurrences between 6am and 11:30am alone, which included a number of accidents and car breakdowns.

Police said that roads in Pagham, Middleton, Selsey, Bury, Fishbourne and Chichester were flooded and that surface runoff and heavy rain created traffic delays as well as accidents in the region.

A spokesperson urged motorists to drive slowly, use their wipers, and switch on their headlights.

He said: "Some roads are water logged and there is heavy spray and surface water. If motorists come across a smaller flooded road, they should not attempt to drive through it if they are in any doubt about how deep it is."

Road users have been warned that they should avoid travelling in such conditions, but should only venture out if completely necessary.

They have also been urged not to go through flooded roads.

TheWest Sussex Fire and Rescue Service told people to dial 999 in an emergency if there is a risk to life or a serious threat of damage to property or the environment.

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