Drivers warned over lingering fog

Motorists have been warned that foggy conditions are bound to reduce visibility on the roads.

Weather forecasters have said that as the thaw sets in, increasingly warmer air is reacting with the cold ground to create a murky blanket of fog and mist across the UK.

Experts predict that the mist and fog show no signs of easing, and the dull conditions are expected to affect New Year Eve's firework celebrations.

Mark Seltzer, forecaster at the Met Office, said: "It will be mostly cloudy across the UK on Friday with mist and fog patches and the odd bit of drizzle.

"The general outlook is quite murky, and fog combined with the low-lying cloud is going to prove problematic for fireworks displays."

Weather experts predict that the mist, fog and cloud will disperse most rapidly in Scotland as winds get stronger.

They say it will stay dry in most places in the UK on Friday, with temperatures remaining reasonable for the time of year.

In London, evening temperatures are expected to reach 6C, while in Edinburgh, new year revellers are expected to face lows of between 1C and 2C.

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