Drivers warned over faulty fluid

Drivers warned over faulty fluid

Almost a tenth of UK motorists put their lives in danger every time they take to the road due to potentially faulty brake fluid, a new report warns.

It claims that over a quarter (26.5%) of drivers have defective brake fluid, a figure rising to 41% of cars throughout Europe.

Tests at service garages nationwide unearthed the data and now report authors are urging drivers to self-test their brake fluid to prevent accidents caused by defective stopping apparatus.

Motorists often wrongly think their vehicle's lubricants work properly if that car has a valid MOT certificate. But the sole method of testing brake fluid quality is to check the temperature of its boiling point, something that MOTs do not cover.

The poll also finds that over one in three (34%) motorists have not put in new brake fluid for at least two years.

Brake fluid is rendered virtually useless once its boiling point drops under 180C, which can cause sudden, unexplained brake failure.

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