Drivers warned over extreme weather

Drivers warned over extreme weather

Galeforce winds could well cause problems for drivers this week as the country is hit by a 250mph Atlantic jet stream.

This could mean 90mph gusts hitting the UK on Friday, potentially bringing down trees and causing hazardous conditions on the roads.

Western parts of the country could see 3in of rain, with the Pennines expected to bear the brunt of the blast. Winds of up to 60mph are set to strike the north.

Gusts of up to 90mph could hit the north of Scotland, while the rest of Scotland and northern England will see gusts of 70mph.

The jet stream has triggered a Yellow warning from the Met Office, which added it could bring in storms similar to the ones which hit southern England at the end of 2013.

Low temperatures in the US meeting warmer air in the south have led to the extra-fast jet-stream, which will reach 250mph at flying level.

Thursday night into Friday morning will see the worst winds, according to Helen Roberts at the Met, which could cause damage, bring down power lines and fell trees, causing yet more potential car insurance claims come Friday afternoon. Two more Yellow warnings have been issued for Saturday.

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