Drivers warned on mobile phone use

Motorists have been warned they will face "inevitable" custodial terms if they flout the laws on the use of mobile phones while driving.

Law Lords reviewing a 21-month sentence given to a woman convicted of death by dangerous driving said there was no excuse for drivers texting or making phone calls.

Philippa Curtis, 21, of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, sent and received over 20 text messages before she hit a stationary car on the A40 and caused the death of its occupant.

Her 21-month sentence was referred to the appeal court for review to determine if it was unduly lenient.

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, sitting with Mr Justice Lloyd Jones and Mr Justice Wyn Williams, said the court had concluded that the sentence was lenient, but had decided not to increase the term after examining the facts of the case with "great care and concern".

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