Drivers warned on animal collisions

In an effort to bring down the number of road collisions involving animal, motorists have been urged to "slow down for deer".

According to a study by a breakdown service Autonational Rescue, every year about 74,000 deer fall victims to road accidents in the country.

By being careful about animals while on the road, drivers can also protect their car insurance.

The report said such collisions may result in up to 700 human casualties, costing over £21 million a year.

Together with The Deer Initiative, Autonational is urging drivers to watch out for deer and other animal while behind the wheel, particularly when driving at night.

Autonational marketing manager Ronan Hart said: "We are facing a serious problem in the UK's countryside and on the outskirts of our towns and cities and we know that it's getting worse as the deer population increases and our roads get busier.

"There are probably around 200 accidents a day involving deer, and the costs per vehicle with an average insurance claim costing £300, could be reaching as much as £60,000 a day across the UK."

Dr Jochen Langbein, of The Deer Initiative, said: "It's a much bigger problem than people realise and not something that happens once in a blue moon to motorists."

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