Drivers warned of wintry blast

Warnings of ice on UK roads have been issued, as temperatures drop below freezing and snow falls across parts of the country.

"Severe" weather conditions are 100% probable across England, so the Met Office has raised its cold weather alert to a Level 3 rating.

Temperatures will plunge to lows of -6C at some points this week, and the maximum levels the mercury will reach during the day will be no more than 3C.

Eastern areas of England and Scotland along with south-west England, south Wales and Northern Ireland have already been issued with severe weather warnings due to the potential for ice.

Icy conditions make driving much harder, and this could mean a rise in the number of car insurance claims due to the slippery roads.

Clare Allen, of the Press Association's weather division, MeteoGroup, said: "We've got an easterly wind across the country bringing snow showers off the North Sea."

Rural areas in south Wales could suffer with temperatures as low as -6C, Mrs Allen said, and Devon could see the mercury plummet to -5C.

"If people aren't careful driving then it could cause disruption. Anywhere that is wet, ice is expected to form," she said.

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