Drivers warned of icy roads danger

Drivers warned of icy roads danger

Motorists are being warned about more potentially hazardous driving conditions, as snow in some parts of the UK turns into ice.

The alert comes the day after the driver of a red Ford was caught out by the icy weather and crashed through the front window of a house in Sheffield.

According to the Met Office, a yellow weather warning for snow and ice is in place for much of Thursday, including the danger that road surfaces could freeze over.

A number of major roads experienced tailbacks on Wednesday, with the M1, M6, M20 and M25 among those affected.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: "Although not all that easy on these dark mornings, our advice to motorists is to take a small amount of time to check over their vehicle before setting out.

"Is the screenwash topped up, are tyres in good condition, and are the wipers working effectively? Even just taking five minutes now could save precious time later in the day.

"Then, when setting out, be ready to adjust your driving style accordingly for the conditions."

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