Drivers urged to 'remain calm'

Drivers urged to 'remain calm'

Motorists have been taking penalty points for someone else or lied to avoid a speeding fine, according to a new poll.

More than 10% of drivers confessed the revelations to Autoglass, while a similar number revealed they had been forced to claim on theircar insurance policies after being involved in more than two road accidents.

Nearly half (46%) of the 2,000 respondents admitted being impatient, lacking in confidence, reckless or angry when behind the wheel, with another 28% adding that they regularly break the speed limit.

Just over half (53%) classed themselves as steady drivers, but only 12% had the honesty to say they are poor drivers.

The poll also found that nearly a quarter thought they were a dab hand at fixing their own vehicles, while 18% of respondents said they liked brash, loud coloured cars.

Matthew Mycock, the managing director of Autoglass, said: "The poll has revealed some fun findings, but also demonstrates the need for a strong reminder for UK motorists to be more focused and calm while driving.

"With the Olympics around the corner, the roads are only going to get more congested and throw up further distractions while driving."

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