Drivers urged to plan ahead for Easter traffic

Drivers urged to plan ahead for Easter traffic
Motorists are braced for a busy bank holiday weekend, with research from the RAC suggesting leisure traffic will peak on Easter Sunday.

As the countdown begins until the long weekend, the study shows that 12.8 million leisure car journeys are likely to occur over the four days. And the total climbs to 14.3 million once Maundy Thursday travellers are factored in to the equation.

On Easter Sunday itself, the RAC believes close to 3.75 million cars will be on the road as people visit family members and go on days out.

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Rod Dennis, RAC Traffic Watch spokesman, said this year’s Easter traffic trends could be slightly different due to the timing of the school holidays.

He said: “Things are a little different this year to last – with many schools having already broken up, a lot of traffic on Easter Sunday in particular will likely be families returning from trips.”

Mr Dennis added: “More than three million leisure trips will take place on Easter Monday, perhaps as more people head back home for the start of the working week – although with school holidays continuing in some parts of the country, the roads remain busy with a total of nine million leisure trips planned during the following week from Tuesday 18th through to Sunday 23rd April.”

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Despite the warm and sunny weather enjoyed by many in the UK over recent days, the Met Office is forecasting a chillier Easter weekend.

Since the weather could prove more changeable than in recent weeks, Mr Dennis has called on drivers to check their vehicles before setting out on long journeys.

He concluded: “It takes just moments to make sure that oil and coolant are at the right levels, and it’s also a good idea to top up washer fluid to keep the windscreen clear – especially of insects if you are taking to more rural roads.

“It is likely the usual main road arteries will suffer the consequences of lots of us trying to get away for the double bank holiday weekend by car. Our advice, if you can, is to head off early to beat other travellers, but to expect some jams on major routes.”

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