Drivers urged to look out for bikes

Drivers are being encouraged to take even more care on the roads in June after a survey revealed the month is the most dangerous time of year for cyclists.

It appears the roads become more busy as the weather warms up, and while most motorists appreciate rising temperatures they will be keen to avoid an increase in theircar insurance bill by avoiding any potential collisions with cyclists.

The survey by Surrey County Council revealed that 14% of bike accidents happen in June, with Wednesdays a particularly dangerous day when 17% of injuries occur - 19% of these happening between 7am and 9am.

The figures also revealed that cyclists are most likely to be hurt within 1km of their homes (39%), at junctions (71%) and on urban roads with a 30mph speed limit (66%).

Dr Andrew Povey, council leader, urged motorists to give cyclists enough time and space and asked those people riding a bike to make sure they obey the rules of the road.

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