Drivers urged to get eco-friendly

A campaign has been launched to encourage drivers to drive in an eco-friendly way, after research found motorists are more likely to change the way they drive to save money rather than protect the environment.

A survey by the Energy Saving Trust, found that only 55% of Scottish drivers were aware that their driving could damage the environment and were likely to think about their driving technique as a result. But 86% questioned said they would be prepared to drive differently to save money.

However, if these drivers knew that environmentally aware motorists save a total of £300 million a year, they may be more likely to change their driving style.

The trust's three-year campaign will target Scottish commuters through a series of billboard and radio adverts. A website has also been set-up to teach drivers the most efficient way to drive.

Mike Thornton, director of the Energy Saving Trust in Scotland, said: "It's all too easy for people to forget about eco-driving when the lights change or they are late for an appointment.

"The idea behind this campaign is to make sure that eco-driving tips are given to commuters when they can actually do something about it - when they are behind the wheel of a car."

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