Drivers urged to check fuel level

Over 12 months, an average of six drivers a day had to stop on motorways in Yorkshire and the North East because they had forgotten to fill up.

It is estimated that more than 2,100 drivers in the regions broke down because they had run out of fuel, which has been highlighted by the Highways Agency and Drivers Standards Agency.

Trevor Wedge, the director of the Driving Standards Agency, described how breaking down on the motorway because of a lack of fuel is inconvenient and risky.

He said: "Make sure you have plenty of fuel for your journey before driving on to a motorway and don't let the fuel in your tank run too low. Don't be tempted to try to complete your journey on a low tank."

Derek Turner, the director of network operations at the Highways Agency, said: "The number of people breaking down simply because they have run out of fuel is alarming. It's not only hazardous to the driver and passengers, but to other road users as well, especially if the vehicle has to stop in a live lane."

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