Drivers urged to change car oil

Drivers urged to change car oil

Drivers looking to save money on motoring costs should play the long game and frequently change their engine oil, according to a new report.

Some 65% of motorists in the UK have admitted to not changing their engine oil at all in the past year, with the same percentage admitting that when it comes to choosing oil for their cars, price is the main factor.

The poll also revealed that just 45% of drivers know when their car needs to be serviced, and 15% said that they would stop servicing their vehicle in order to save money.

Changing the oil inside a car regularly can prevent engine wear and unnecessary fuel usage. It could also stop your car from suffering an engine-relatedbreakdown .

"Apart from lubricating the engine, oil has the important job of absorbing harmful by-products given off by the burning fuel," Tim Shallcross, Head of Technical Policy at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, said.

"Changing the oil gets rid of these waste products, but if an oil change is missed, the oil gets saturated and cannot absorb any more, so the by-products start to damage the engine, forming sludge to block the oil passageways and increasing engine wear by eating away at the metal."

Dan McGoldrick, of Mobil 1 which conducted the study, said: "Choosing the right oil for your car is vital as it means both the lubricant and the engine will last longer, so you're saving in the long term."

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