Drivers 'unhappy about fuel costs'

A drivers' poll has found that 82% of motorists are dissatisfied with the condition of Britain's roads and the rising cost of fuel.

The Driver Satisfaction Index showed that the disgruntlement is felt the strongest in the North, with over half (54%) unhappy about the state of local roads and 93% about soaring fuel costs.

Over three-quarters (78%) of motorists in the North feel the Government is not supporting them, while over four out of five (83%) are unhappy about high car insurance costs.

The survey, commissioned in partnership with YouGov, was aimed at measuring driver contentment across the UK.

Phill Jones, commercial director of, said: "A car is and always will be a necessity for consumers, who rely more than ever on their vehicle to get from A to B.

"This is only made possible by a car that is realistically affordable to run, and by increasing taxes and reducing investment the Government are damaging a part of the economy which is vital to future growth."

Across the country, over four out of five (81%) are unhappy about current costs, 51% about potholes on roads, 50% about high insurance premiums, and 26% about the level of local road works.

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