Drivers undeterred by phone ban

There seems to have been little reduction in the number of drivers using hand-held mobile phones while behind the wheel despite the introduction of tougher penalties in 2007, a study has shown.

A survey by What Car? magazine found that as many as 93% of people had seen someone using a hand-held mobile while driving in the previous week.

And of those polled, 36% admitted to using a hand-held phone themselves while in the driving seat - compared to 42% in 2005.

Even though 64% of the survey group said they had never used a hand-held mobile while at the wheel, only 3% said they had never seen another motorist committing the same offence.

Asked when they last used a hand-held mobile while driving, 12% said today, 5% said yesterday, 8% said last week and 11% said last month.

Asked when they last saw another motorist using a hand-held mobile while at the wheel, 57% said today, 18% said yesterday, 18% said last week and 4% said last month.

Tougher penalties for offenders were introduced in 2007, including the raising of fines from £30 to £60 and the loss of three licence points.

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