Drivers trust UK garage mechanics

Drivers trust UK garage mechanics

The old-fashioned image of mechanics as rip-off merchants sucking through their teeth before charging you a small fortune for unnecessary repairs has been consigned to the dustbin of history, according to a new study.

The driving public are overwhelmingly happy with the service British mechanics provide, the new report from automotive industry standards body Motor Codes found.

Trust in mechanics has risen to 98% of service users, with the same number confident they were being charged fairly even after receiving a call to tell them extra work would be needed on top of a routine service, the survey showed.

It is vital that drivers remember to book their annual MOT before it expires, since driving without it is an offence and could affect any car insurance claims.

Founded in 2008, the Motor Codes Report gauges customer satisfaction levels by speaking to customers at car dealers and service centres across the UK.

The 2012 report analysed the results of 25,000 surveys, including 20,500 from car servicing customers using a Motor Codes affiliated garage and 4,500 new car buyers.

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