Drivers told to be ready for winter

Drivers told to be ready for winter

Motorists should re-evaluate their driving decisions with the onset of winter, as grip levels fall and accident rates rise, according to a company car firm.

This week is National Road Safety Week and LeasePlan UK is warning of the increased dangers that come with driving in wintry conditions.

Official statistics show more than 6,200 accidents were caused by snow and ice last winter and it is likely that thousands more minor bumps went unreported. Many will lead to breakdown call-outs and car insurance claims.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: "Between last December and March this year when the country experienced some extremely harsh winter weather RAC patrols went out to more than 21,000 accidents ranging from minor bumps to more serious crashes. We know from analysis of RAC data indicates that 1 in 11 road traffic accidents lead to a personal injury.

"People tend to think of the RAC for just breakdown but we are now offer Accident Care to members who need to have their vehicles rescued or recovered following road accidents. Wherever possible, the RAC will aim to recover the cost of this service on the member's behalf."

Motorists should be preparing their vehicles for the winter now, according to LeasePlan UK managing director David Brennan, who is urging drivers not to underestimate extreme weather and advising them to consider the conditions.

Choosing not to travel at all can often be the correct decision in such situations, he said.

Mr Brennan said many people's working lives require them to get in their cars on most days of the year and they can become complacent. He said good preparation can help them be ready for all the problems that come with winter commutes.

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