Drivers to test new charging system

Drivers to test new charging system

A new consortium is searching for 10 groups of UK drivers to try out a new smart charging system.

The My Electric Avenue project, which has been backed by the likes of Nissan, the Low Carbon Networks Fund and Scottish and Southern Energy, will provide successful applicants with a new Nissan Leaf on a £100 per month lease for 18 months. Motorists will also have a charging point fitted to their home at no cost.

Scottish and Southern Electric Distribution (SSE) has joined forces with EA Technology to test a new charging technology that will aim to reduce the effect of 10 electric cars being charged simultaneously in a location powered by one electricity substation.

The Esprit is designed to interact with the substation and car chargers, sharing power appropriately between local households and vehicles.

SSE director of distribution Stuart Hogarth told Autocar an alternative method to the one predominantly used for increased demand is required because digging up roads and installing heavier duty electricity cables is "expensive and disruptive".

The smart charging system will allow electric cars to charge at the points of lowest demand.

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