Drivers to pay for Ukraine tension

Drivers to pay for Ukraine tension

UK motorists are being warned to expect rising fuel prices over the next few weeks as a result of the continuing crisis in the Ukraine.

The RAC said although drivers have been paying the lowest average pump prices for three years in the last few weeks, wholesale prices were rising again - even before Russian troops were deployed in Ukraine - as the pound loses ground against the US dollar.

Pete Williams, the RAC's head of external affairs, said: "While savings were only small, at 129p a litre, the price was 11p cheaper than it was in early March last year which meant a saving of around £6 on a tank of petrol for an average family car like a Ford Focus and £5 for a tank of diesel.

"The tensions in Ukraine, brought about by Russia's unprecedented move, will unfortunately affect everyone driving a vehicle in the UK as the fuel market is intrinsically linked to major international political events.

"While we can all only hope for a speedy resolution to this situation, from a motorist's perspective we really need the pound to continue performing well against the dollar as this could help to offset some of the inevitable price rises."

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