Drivers to get auto phone blocker

Software that can block calls to a driver`s mobile has been developed by a Canadian whose son was killed by a driver talking on his phone.

David Teater's company Aegis Mobility is bringing out DriveAssistT in conjunction with a North American car insurance company, and is negotiating to sign up major networks.

The software works through a phone`s GPS, and can detect if it is moving at car speeds. It will then hold calls and text messages until the car stops.

Callers will hear a message saying the person they are calling appears to be driving. They can hit a button to leave an emergency voice mail, which is put through immediately.

Aegis' software will work on phones with Windows Mobile software, popular for `smart` phones, or Symbian software, used by Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

It can be managed through a website. For instance, parents will get alerts if their children override the motion-sensing feature to indicate that they are riding in car rather than driving. Corporations that buy the software can do the same.

Aegis is bringing out DriveAssistT with Nationwide Mutual Insurance, which plans to offer a discount for people who use the software.

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