Drivers thinking green in recession

Drivers are rethinking their views about "green" motoring as a result of the economic crisis, a survey has revealed.

According to Auto Trader 51% of motorists are thinking about buying a green vehicle with 42% saying the next car they buy would have lower CO2 emissions than their current runaround.

Of the 2,000 motorists polled two in five said manufacturers were not doing enough to make cars environmentally-friendly while nearly 45% said the Government was not doing as much as it could.

Meanwhile, 61% thought the Government should not make motorists of gas-guzzling cars pay more in taxation.

The "greenest" car company was judged to be Toyota, with Honda, BMW, Volkswagen and Lexus just behind.

The survey also revealed 70% of motorists would buy a green car instead of a standard one if it offered good fuel consumption, and 62% said they would swap if road tax and congestion charges costs were less.

Also, 63% will think about the impact their next car has on the environment, although price remains the biggest factor for 85% of drivers.

With 77% of motorists fuel consumption is a top priority, and 66% look at a car's actual performance.

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