Drivers 'switch off behind wheel'

Motorists embarking on long journeys mentally switch off after just 11 minutes, a survey has shown.

A quarter of drivers admit they are constantly battling boredom on the roads, with 22% regularly going into autopilot behind the wheel, according to the Fly Research poll.

This tendency to switch off has led to 34% of respondents completing journeys and then having no recollection of them upon arrival.

Some have even ended up driving straight to their office instead of their intended destination because they have zoned out and fallen into the usual routine.

While this might just seem like a nuisance or a mildly amusing anecdote at face value, it could cast doubts about whether these drivers are safe enough for the roads.

Withcar insurance premiums rising, drivers who use the roads in these conditions could be taking a massive risk on both their health and their bank balance.

Out of the 1,003 drivers quizzed, almost a third (32%) said they regularly check their phone and change radio stations to stay alert while driving.

The survey also revealed that drivers are wasting £47.25 every year by taking unscheduled detours thanks to autopilot motoring.

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