Drivers support 20mph limits - poll

Drivers support 20mph limits - poll

Drivers have given their strong backing to 20mph speed limits on residential streets.

A survey by road safety charity Brake found almost 80% of motorists think a 20mph limit should be the norm around schools, in residential streets and in the centres of villages, towns and cities.

Of the 1,000 respondents, some 78% said they support Brake's campaign - known as GO 20 - to make 20mph the default speed limit for urban areas.

Meanwhile, 72% said their local roads need to be made safer for walking.

Brake said casualty rates have fallen in areas where the 20mph limit has been introduced, with a 22% decline in casualties in Portsmouth and a 54% reduction in crashes in Camden, north London.

"The GO 20 campaign is about defending everyone's right to walk and cycle freely without being endangered," said Julie Townsend, the charity's deputy chief executive.

"We need to tackle the senseless and violent casualties that continue to happen daily on our roads, and we need to enable people to live healthy, active, social lives."

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