Drivers suffer 'bad parking' fury

Disgruntled motorists are venting their anger by blocking cars in, slashing tyres and damaging parked poorly vehicles, according to a new survey by

The poll of 3,000 people also found that many drivers leave notes on windscreens of offending vehicles, while a quarter said their response to poor parking has been a verbal attack directed at the offender.

The most offensive of the faults is blocking access, followed by parking too close to another vehicle and "stealing" a spot from someone who has been waiting for it.

According to the survey, other major annoyances include parking in spaces reserved for the disabled, on double yellow lines, on the pavement and outside someone else's house.

One in three of those who have fallen out with someone over parking have done so with people living close by, with some resorting to knocking on neighbour's doors to object.

Paul Coulter, of, said: "Poor parking is a real source of frustration for Britain's motorists. From our research it's clear that drivers should stick to common sense rules and courtesy to avoid notching anyone's anger into top gear."

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