Drivers splash out on car upgrades

UK motorists are spending more on their cars in order to retain additional value and take advantage of high used car prices, according to research from Kwik Fit.

Some 6.4 million motorists have already made upgrades to their cars this year such as recharging air conditioning units, fitting better exhaust systems and even splashing out on alloy wheels to make their cars as saleable as possible in the future.

A rise in used car values has sparked the trend as more and more invest in their beloved motors in the knowledge that resale values will remain high in the future.

David White, customer services director at Kwik Fit, said: "Whereas money once spent on used cars might have been viewed as 'dead money', second hand car owners are increasingly more prepared to spend money to keep their car in good condition as they are more likely to get what they shell out back when they sell it.

"Simple steps like regular servicing, recharging the air-con as well as fitting new alloys and a better exhaust can totally alter a car's performance and comfort and increase its sale price too."

Kwik Fit reported that used car values are up more than a quarter compared with 2008 following a difficult year for the industry which has been hit by a increasing number of buyers taking advantage of the Government cash scrappage scheme.

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