Drivers spend billions on repairs

Drivers needing breakdown cover will be alarmed by figures that show the average yearly cost of repairs for some used cars to be as much as £400.

Nearly £4 billion is spent by Britons repairing cars aged four to eight years old that break down after manufacturer warranties expire, a survey by the Warranty Direct company found.

The survey showed that some models cost owners five times as much in annual maintenance as the bills paid by owners of the most reliable second-hand vehicles.

The most expensive used car to maintain was the Jaguar S-type, with an average annual repair cost of £422.84. This was followed by the Audi TT at £402.51 and the MG TF, which cost £399.35.

Out of the most popular used cars, the most expensive was the Vauxhall Vectra with an average annual repair bill of £315.28. The Ford Ka was the cheapest to maintain at just £143.50.

Warranty Direct's Duncan McClure Fisher said: "The cost of parts and labour on some models is shocking, and really comes into play once a car leaves the protection of its manufacturer warranty."

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