Drivers slowing for straw policeman

A scarecrow dressed as a traffic policeman is preventing drivers from speeding, according to villagers in Cumbria.

The straw officer has been erected on the B6318 in the village of Crosby-on-Eden complete with a "speed gun" made out of a plastic bottle.

From a distance the scarecrow stuffed with straw looks like a real police officer and its sighting prompts drivers to go "crawling" through the village.

There is a 30mph zone through the village, but the local parish council said it receives numerous complaints about cars driving too quickly.

The scarecrow however has managed to calm the traffic after it was put up as part of a Bank Holiday weekend event to raise money for the local church.

David Farrar, who runs Crosby Moor Garage in the village, said: "It is getting a good reaction from the locals and it's slowing the traffic down."

It is believed a retired policeman living in the village, which has a population of around 500, made the straw officer for an event to raise money for the local church.

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