Drivers 'shunning' eco cars

Drivers 'shunning' eco cars

The majority of UK motorists are not interested in switching to a more eco-friendly car to reduce their road tax bill, according to a new poll.

As many as eight out of 10 drivers said they would not revet to a lower emissions model to save on tax, the Flexed survey revealed.

Furthermore, around two-thirds (64%) claimed they would not buy an electric car even if it was exempt from VED (Vehicle Excise Duty), also known as road tax.

A similar proportion of drivers (65%) admitted they did not even realise VED rates are based on a car's carbon emissions, with most of the impression it is to do with the size of the engine.

Flexed spokesman Jonathan Ratcliffe said "most road users have simply given up caring about the cost of motoring - both in cash and environmental terms".

A lot of motorists said they would like VED to be scrapped entirely and instead road users should pay in accordance to their fuel consumption, he added.

Under current rules, petrol and diesel vehicles are placed in one of 13 bands according to how much CO2 they emit per kilometre.

There is no duty at all to pay for owners of cars omitting less than 100g/km, but at the other end of the scale a car emitting over 255g/km can carry a tax bill of £1,065 for its first year on the road.

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