Drivers 'risking using unsafe cars'

Motorists have been urged to get their cars checked before they travel in freezing weather after a survey found many were venturing out despite knowing their vehicles are unsafe.

According to, which surveyed 3,000 drivers, nearly a third (30%) of the cars on the road have at least one problem.

It said nearly a quarter (22%) of men are putting their safety andcar insurance premiums at risk by driving with poor brakes.

The study found 21% of male drivers on the roads have bald tyres, while 14% do not have a valid MOT certificate.

Among women, 23% are getting behind the wheel knowing they have damaged windscreens or broken lights, the firms said.

The most common fault in cars was empty windscreen wash bottles, which can be a big problem while travelling on gritted roads where the risk of impaired vision is high.

A fifth of all motorists questioned were driving cars that had not been serviced for a long period, 16% had no phone in the car and 3% had broken seatbelts.

Paul Coulter, of, said: "We all love a white Christmas, but cold conditions and long drives over the festive period make it especially important to keep your car in good working order. We'd urge people to get their cars checked before long drives."

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