Drivers 'risking safety for style'

Experts have warned that many motorists who need corrective lenses could be sacrificing safety for style, after a study found more than half wear normal sunglasses while driving.

As per legal requirements, drivers who require prescription lenses or corrective glasses should wear them at all times when behind the wheel. They should be able to clearly see from a distance of 20m.

However, the survey of 1,000 motorists by retailer GetLenses found 53% wear normal sunglasses to avoid glare while driving despite their eyesight problems.

Just over a quarter (27%) said they have sunglasses with prescription lenses.

GetLenses optometrist Brendan O'Brien described the findings as "extremely worrying".

"Safety should never be compromised for style, especially when it comes to driving. We don't blame drivers, as often many people don't even consider prescription sunglasses," he said.

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