Drivers reveal road rage strategies

An upset motorist drove into a barracks and requested soldiers help him ward off a road rage driver, a new study has found.

Blowing kisses and swearing or shouting back are also among the strategies adopted by motorists to contain aggressive behaviour from other drivers, according to a survey.

Another motorist told the survey that he had to wake up his sleeping dog to defend himself against an enraged driver.

Motorists not indicating and tailgating are the worst nightmares to road users, the survey said.

Slow driving, talking on mobile phones while at the wheel, drivers not paying attention and traffic jams are among the other habits that hamper smooth driving.

A total of 56% of drivers said they get irritated by back-seat drivers, while more than half (53%) are disturbed by hot weather.

The survey claimed the best behaved drivers in south-west England, whereas the most unruly ones are seen in Wales.

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