Drivers reveal motoring regrets

Drivers have revealed their biggest motoring regrets in a survey by Manheim Auctions.

The biggest regret (30%) was that their car turned out to be unreliable, while just under a quarter (24%) said they experienced a vehicle breakdown shortly after buying it.

With car insurance among the costs they need to budget for, it is vitally important for many motorists that their car can be relied upon and will not become a money pit.

Other major concerns were high running costs (15%), paying over the odds (11%) and cars being less environmentally friendly than first thought (2%).

Meanwhile, for 3% of the respondents, the colour proved to be the biggest stumbling block that they regretted long after driving away in their car.

Andy Cullwick, head of marketing at Manheim Auctions, explained how important it is for drivers to do their homework on a vehicle to be sure it is for them before parting with their hard-earned cash.

"Research is key to buying any car, as is buying from a reputable source whether it is an auction, car supermarket or dealer," he said.

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