Drivers 'reacting to fuel rises'

Increasing fuel prices have led 85% of UK motorists changing the way they drive to counter the cost to their pocket, new research has claimed.

The price of fuel has risen by about 30% in a year and 86% of drivers quizzed in a study for Nationwide Autocentres said they had changed some of their motoring habits in a bid to reduce their bill.

Driving more slowly and efficiently was the most popular course of action, employed by some 62% of drivers. More than half (55%) now shop around for cheaper prices and 50% have cut down on how often they use their vehicle. Almost one in five (17%) had changed their car for a more fuel-efficient model.

The youngest drivers, those aged 17-24, claimed to be least bothered by the fuel price changes, while motorists aged between 35 and 44 were most disgruntled.

Nationwide Autocentres claimed people could save fuel in a number of different ways, including switching off air-conditioning, inflating tyres to the appropriate pressure and removing any unnecessary loads like roof racks or bicycle carriers.

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