Drivers rack up miles on gift run

The typical British family will undertake 207 miles of journey over the festive season to deliver gifts bought for friends and relatives, a survey has shown.

The poll of 3,000 households by car manufacturer Saab UK found that on average, the family will make five stops to drop off the 37 presents costing £520.49.

Findings revealed that just 15% of those travelling to friends or relatives will do so on the day of the festival, with more than a third (36%) taking the trips before Christmas Eve.

Motorists might want to ensure that they have adequatebreakdown cover to prevent a long wait at the roadside and a disruption to their present run if something goes wrong.

According to the survey, residents of north-east England appear to be the most generous, with 43% of them planning to exchange more than 20 gifts with family members this Christmas.

However, those living in Northern Ireland intend on making the most trips, with 17% planning more than eight visits to friends and family this festive season.

One in 10 admitted to breaking or damaging presents while trying to squeeze them into a car, while 17% said they were forced to leave gifts behind due to lack of space.

A quarter (26%) of people said they needed another break after the Christmas holiday to recover from all the festive travelling, with half intending to reduce the number of presents they deliver the next time and 25% vowing not to travel so far next Christmas.

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