Drivers opt for waterless car wash

Increasing numbers of drivers are using water-free cleaning products for their cars in the wake of the ban on using hosepipes in south-east England, research indicates.

Sales of a car cleaning spray from the JML brand, called Mantis Instant Shine, have gone up by 144%. Compared to last year, sales have risen from 331,878 units to 806,625, the firm said. A spokesman noted that the hosepipe ban has been an influence on customers.

Thom Bateman, representing Mantis, stated: "Waterless car wash products are coming into their own right now as motorists want quick fixes to the hosepipe ban. We knew that the announcement would affect sales but not so rapidly."

Motorists have been urged to be aware that keeping a dirty car could impact their legal situation. They could get a £30 fine if a police officer decides their windscreen or side window view is not clear enough. Meanwhile, an illegible number plate can land a car's owner with a £60 fine.

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