Drivers offered winter safety tips

Motorists are being urged to prepare for the cold winter months ahead to minimise the risk of problems as temperatures plunge across Britain.

By checking their vehicle in advance and securing a comprehensivebreakdown cover policy, the conscientious driver can cut their chances of experiencing car trouble.

And IAM Drive & Survive's training expert Simon Elstow has also issued a series of simple tips for safe driving in ice and snow.

First up, before setting off, ensure you have de-icer and a scraper. As you drive, stay in higher gears to minimise the chances of wheel spin.

Remember that stopping distances increase by up to 10 times in icy conditions, he says, so leave more distance than usual between your car and the one in front.

Finally, if your car does lose grip, do not panic - take your foot off the accelerator, disengage the clutch and steer smoothly.

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