Drivers not happy on pothole action

Drivers not happy on pothole action

Two-thirds of the nation's drivers think the Government is doing a bad or very bad job of keeping on top of the potholes on Britain's roads, a survey has found.

The poll by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) found that 67% of those questioned think the Government is failing in maintaining the nation's roads, with a breakdown of 65% of female motorists and 69% of male drivers.

Potholes can cause significant damage to vehicles, leading to an increase incar insurance claims.

A breakdown in communication between drivers and local authorities is evident from the research. Some 34% of motorists think their council is reducing the amount of money they spend on road maintenance - but 60% are unaware if spending is being cut, which would suggest that local authorities are not doing enough to engage with residents.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: "Analysis of RAC breakdown call-outs has found that there was a 67% increase in pothole-related damage to vehicles from 2012 to 2013 so it's not surprising that people are not convinced the Government is addressing the poor state of our roads.

"Our own research for the RAC Report on Motoring revealed that 84% of drivers felt the condition of local roads is deteriorating while 74% thought motorways and main roads are noticeably worse. Although there have been various announcements about pots of money being made available to fix the potholes, it won't be until people start experiencing smoother rides in their vehicles that opinions start to change."

IAM chief executive Simon Best added: "The Government need to convince motorists that they have a real cure for the pothole pandemic.

"This can only be achieved through clear communication on new policies, more sharing of resources, sustained long-term funding and a continued commitment to eradicating the maintenance backlog of crumbling British roads."

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