Drivers make skills education plea

Drivers make skills education plea

The Government is being urged to make theoretic and practical driving skills part of the national curriculum, according to findings from a new survey of motorists.

With road crashes the biggest killer of 15-24 year olds, a survey of 3,000 motorists revealed that 77% believe driving theory skills should be taught in schools.

There is a need for improved education and awareness early on to reduce accidents and car insurance premiums for young people, and over two thirds (68%) of those questioned believe they would be a much safer road user now had they received adequate education from a young age.

A belief that the Government is failing to do enough to improve safety on UK roads is shared by an overwhelming majority of 98%.

A move to give police the power to issue £100 on-the-spot fines and three penalty points has been dismissed as little more than a money-generating exercise, with 60% believing this will have little impact on improving road safety.

Auto Trader's Owners' Guide survey also revealed that just over half (55%) would be prepared to invest heavily in a vehicle with enhanced safety features.

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