Drivers lose their cool over winter

Difficult driving conditions and financial pressures in the lead up to Christmas may be why more than a third of drivers find winter the most likely time to experience road rage, according to a survey.

The study found that nearly 30% of all male drivers have confronted another motorist in a "road rage" incident. Of those polled, 36% said winter was the season in which they were most likely to see red.

Shockingly, 26% of mothers admitted their children had been in the car when they had been subjected to motoring-related abuse.

In addition, 51% of the population said they have vented their frustrations while driving by shouting or swearing, with 6% actually admitting to deliberately damaging another person's vehicle in a fit of road-related anger.

Duncan Wilkes, managing director at Nationwide Autocentre, which carried out the research, said: "Winter driving in particular is fraught with difficulties as poor conditions put a strain on cars and motorists alike - add road rage in to the mix and it becomes very dangerous indeed.

"We were astounded and to see nearly 30% of men admitted to getting out of their vehicle to confront another driver. Even more disturbing, that 6% of the population have deliberately damaged other vehicles as a result of road rage."

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